The Maryland Soybean Board

The mission of the Maryland Soybean Board is to maximize the profitability of Maryland soybean producers by investing Maryland checkoff funds in research, promotion and communication projects. In all aspects of work the board is committed to these fundamental principles:

  • To provide leadership to the regional soybean industry.
  • To evaluate all Maryland Soybean Board activities and opportunities.
  • To ensure that the general public is informed regarding the critical contribution Maryland soybean producers make to the quality of life and the state economy.

Kudzu Bug Update

The University of Maryland reports they have found the kudzu bug in Anne Arundel, Calvert, and Prince George's Counties on kudzu vines.

Another person has also reported the insect on kudzu vines in Charles County to the SEED network online. The university has collected egg masses from Anne Arundel and Calvert Counties, as of early July 2013.

The university has launched a website, to help disseminate information.