The Maryland Soybean Board is seeking proposals for projects that promote soybeans or their many by-products. Interested applicants should submit their proposals by July 15.

Projects should be for their upcoming fiscal year, beginning October 1, 2022, and should focus on soybean use and promotion. Priority areas identified by the Maryland Soybean Board include animal agriculture, consumer education, emerging markets, and farmer engagement, however potential projects are not limited to these topics.

“While farmers are facing record-high input prices, we are eager to bring new opportunities to Maryland soybean growers,” says Evan Staley, chair of the board’s Promotion and Communications Committee. “Through these projects, we strive to put more money back in farmer’s pockets.”

Applications will be reviewed by the farmer-led board and will be selected based on the greatest benefit to Maryland’s soybean industry. Applications can be found here (Word) (PDF).

About Maryland Soybean Board: The Maryland Soybean Board is funded by the national soybean checkoff program, which assesses one-half of one percent of the net market value of soybeans at the first point of sale. The board consists of ten volunteer farmer-directors and directs funds for research, marketing and education programs to benefit the Maryland soybean industry.


For information, contact:

Danielle Bauer Farace
Maryland Soybean Board
Executive Director